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StoreMax the ultimate bike or bin store for your garden

With its functional design the StoreMax provides maximum storage space in a small area.

The lawnmower has its own garage and the waste recycling looks much tidier. The Biohort StoreMax offers a maximum of storage room in a small compact space. With the accessory intermediate floor you can even double your storage space! The StoreMax can also be used as a garage for bicycles.

Functional for quick access: the two part opening system with its sliding roller shutters! The metall silver surface presents itself modern and fashionable.

A maximum of storage space and quality convinces – available in three colours(metallic silver, metall quartz grey, metallic dark grey) and three sizes(120, 160, 190).

The multi-purpose roller shutter box

And suddenly everything looks different! The lawnmower has its own garage and the refuse and old paper storage looks so much tidier. The multi-purpose design of the StoreMax offers a maximum of storage room in a small compact space. The functional two part opening system with its sliding roller shutters is designed for quick access.

StoreMax is a secure and attractive solution for storing away dustbins, waste separation systems, lawn mowers, garden tools, barbecues, sports equipment, garden furniture, catering utensils, bicycles, for camping and much, much more! Ideally suited for using as a bike shelter.

StoreMax? is the exclusive storage solution designed for quick access with its effortlessly sliding roller shutters. Compared to conventional storage solutions, the StoreMax does not have a wide open door or an open lid which could suddenly fall back down. The StoreMax can be opened via a two-part roller shutter system. So it is up to you to decide, if you would like to open the StoreMax from the top and/or at the front as you require.

The effortlessly sliding roller shutters which are made out of coated aluminium will not rust or be affected by the weather and so remain permanently ready to use. The spring assisted opening mechanism makes operating it child’s play. The robust back and side walls which are constructed from hot-dipped galvanised, polyamid coated steel plate make the StoreMax very robust and hard-wearing.

Compared to conventional storage solutions, StoreMax does not look “out of place” in front of your house or in the garden. Its understated design and the metallic silver finish gives it an exclusive and attractive appearance.

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