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With an aging population comes the inevitability of the growing need for help with mobility if we are to continue to lead an active and fulfilling life. You only need to visit our towns and city centres to see the increasing numbers of mobility scooters on our street and with this comes the growing need to find somewhere safe and secure to keep these vehicles.

Biohort AvantGarde A3 Mobility Scooter Storage

Biohort have recently added the AvantGarde A3 shed to their range which is designed for just this need, like all Biohort buildings the AvantGarde offers a secure and safe place to keep your Mobility Scooter vehicle, maintenance free with a 20 year guarantee.

Yorkshires premier stockist of Biohort products

We at Alfrestore, Yorkshires premier stockist of Biohort products, have been offering a full turnkey service to our senior clients looking for a quality product to store their mobility scooters. This service includes visiting their homes to advise which is the best product to suit their storage requirements, as well as undertaking the complete build and installation of these buildings if required, providing a suitable base, and full erection on site by our factory trained and approved installation team, if required.

Customer Installation

I was very pleased that Matt and his team from Alfrestore sorted out supply and full installation of my new shed, as I can?t do this myself anymore. Very happy to recommend these guys.”

– Mr Fiddler, Rossendale, Lancs

We have just completed an installation for Mr Fiddler from Rossendale who had recently taken delivery of a new TGA Breeze S4 mobility scooter and was looking for someone to provide a safe hassle-free installation of a shed to house his new purchase.

Mr Fiddler choose the Biohort AvantGarde A3 metal shed complete with the full installation services from ourselves at Alfrestore.


If you are interested in a Secure Metal Biohort Shed for your mobility scooter just head over to the shop or if you want a chat about it first give us a call on 01484 427851 today.

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