Mobility Scooter Storage from Biohort

Mobility Scooters With an aging population comes the inevitability of the growing need for help with mobility if we are to continue to lead an active and fulfilling life. You only need to visit our towns and city centres to see the increasing numbers of mobility scooters on our street and with this comes the […]

Shed Foundation using Biohort patented Ground Screw

THE ADVANTAGE – Complete all-in-one foundation Modern foundation solution without concrete A) High grade aluminum panels    top quality and weatherproof B) Special designed foundation frame constructed from aluminum C) Ground screws ensure stability and storm protection For many customers, preparing a suitable foundation is a big problem; the desired location for installation is often on […]

AvantGarde shed installations for Kate Gould Gardens in London

Take a look at one of our latest installations of our AvantGarde in North London! This beautiful space has been designed and built by Keith and the team at Kate Gould Gardens. It’s amazing to see projects like this come together and it’s no surprise that both the client and end customer are extremely pleased […]

AvantGarde Shed for your Golf Kit

Back in the old days, did you know that golf clubs used to be made of wood??????????? Of course, they’re now made of metal because it’s lightweight, strong and durable! ? Our AvantGarde storage space works on exactly the same principle! Made from hot-dipped galvanised steel plate and with a 20 year guarantee, you can be […]